Aug 22, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Reading

15 Things You Shouldn't Be Paying For - A friend of mine linked to this article on facebook earlier this week, and I thought it was pretty interesting. I always thought bottled water was a rip off!

Great Depression Cooking - In response to my post "Three Cooking Tutorials that Revolutionized my Time in the Kitchen," a friend encouraged me to check out this online cooking show starring a 94-year old cook named Clara. Clara prepares recipes her mother made during the Great Depression. I fell in love with the show and with Clara!

Free Printable Up and Out Labels - It's time for me to organize Silas clothes again. These printables may make it a little more fun. *smile*

Homemade Protein Bars - I want to try this recipe. They sound healthy and look delicious!

How to Raise Excellent Children - I love this blog. She's an older Mom with TONS of wisdom to share. This particular article is definitely worth the read. An excerpt: "So many women that I meet when I travel and speak all over the world want a formula. Just tell me the ten steps of raising good and godly children and I will follow them and pop out excellent children...But, as I have pondered, I have realized that the starting point is you. Are you disciplining yourself to have quiet times every day? Are you building a resource of wisdom, truth, understanding of Jesus' life, his values, His heart so that you are becoming a well-spring of His very presence in the life of your home?" Aaah, Moms, you must read this!

10 Grocery Store Savings Tips - We can all use more of these, right?

Wipe Off Weekly Menu Board - This kind of craft is right up my alley-- easy, cute, and useful!

10 Guilt-Free Non-Suppers - Everyone needs a list of "non-suppers" for those days when dinner just isn't happening!


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