Jan 10, 2013

Food Journal (January 10th)

Thank God I'm reading through Genesis right now and was reminded that God has promised never to flood the earth again. Unfortunately, nothing was promised in regards to our yard, which is taking quite the beating with these daily torrential downpours. And on the subject of beatings, my sanity is taking one to. Being cooped up all day with two energetic little guys is not for the faint of heart.
 Anyway, now on to more important things- food.
My day started with coffee (2 PPV) and a bowl of bananas and peanut butter (5 PPV).
Liam decided that he wanted some peanut butter to, so I gave in to his pestering request.
I used to have a good mind, y'all. I know I did. But it must have gotten lost somewhere around the birth of child number two because I started doing things like giving a 1-year old a bowl of peanut butter and a spoon and letting him sit on the couch to eat it. Yeah, it all went south pretty fast. Peanut butter from head to toe. Literally.
So I had no choice but to talk up how fun it would be to take a morning bath. "The ducks are waiting for us!!" was my chant. Both boys complied.
After the boys were bathed, I got them all set up with a cartoon so that I could get started on making a ginormous Italian meat sauce for a gathering that we're hosting tomorrow night.
There was a lot of browning of the meat going on. Four pounds worth, to be exact.
And plenty of seasoning to go around.
Meanwhile, my destructive spirited child made his way into the kitchen to "help" Mommy wash dishes.
He then proceeded to pour a cup of water on his head.
There was no time to clean him up right then because there was a meat sauce at stake- a big meat sauce.
By the time I finally got to him he was soaked, face boogies and everything. He may or may not have needed another bath, but I did the mommy wipe down and changed his clothes instead.
So, needless to say, I worked up quite an appetite this morning. 
I opted for leftovers for lunch, but instead of putting my chicken and black bean taco filling into a shell, I used it as a dip. I topped it with low fat cheese, low fat sour cream, and pico de gallo.
I scooped it with baked tostito scoops, and boy, did it hit the spot! I'm such a sucker for chips and dip (8 PPV).
A little later in the afternoon I tried to get Liam interested in some sweet potato chips, but he wasn't having it. I ate a few, but not enough to count as points. By the looks of his budda belly, he may have just been full.
We cuddled up for stories before Liam's nap time.
I needed a little fuel to get me through to dinnertime so I whipped up a Blueberry Banana Smoothie with a little spinach thrown in. My weight watchers app said it was 2 PPV so I'm going with that.
It was yummy and very filling. And a beautiful shade of purple.
Thursdays are my weight watcher meetings. I got a complimentary celebration bar from the receptionist, and, of course, I couldn't resist so I ate it promptly. It was delicious! (2 PPV) And it was also fitting because I lost TWO POUNDS! Yay! Back on track!
I decided to celebrate a little more with a shrimp tempura roll that I picked up for Kevin and I to share. I had 3 pieces (5 PPV).
We had breakfast for dinner tonight. I scrambled myself two eggs with all sorts of veggies mixed in (spinach, onion, pepper, and leftover pico de gallo). It was delish!  I had some shaved chicken breast on the side (5 PPV)
Liam and I relaxed over a cup of pineapple upside down cake yogurt tonight (2 PPV).
And my drink of choice tonight while blogging is sugar cookie sleigh ride tea, which is simply delightful (0 PPV).
I get 29 PPV.
I used 31 today.
The shrimp tempura roll was so worth it!



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