Jan 9, 2013

Food Journal (January 8)

After a full day of errand-running yesterday, the boys and I stayed in today. The weather was yucky, and I had lots of laundry and cleaning to catch up on. 

My day started with a fried egg on toast, an extra piece of toast with a little whipped butter on it, and my regular cup o' joe. It totaled 7 points.

And, of course, breakfast wouldn't be complete without these crazy monkeys...

My mid-morning snack was a piece of cake topped with gumdrops and jelly beans for 0 points! I shared it with my furry friends. Hehe.

The boys and I played for about an hour before deciding that our tummy's needed some real fuel, not the pretend kind.
I was a bit nervous about lunch because I hadn't been able to go grocery shopping since we returned from our weekend trip. Fortunately I found a Morning Star Spicy Black Bean Burger hiding in the back of the freezer.
We didn't have buns, but we did have some low carb tortillas.

So I made a spicy black bean burger taco complete with low fat sour cream and cheese. I think I preferred it taco style instead of burger style! And it was only 6 points!
I had some pop chips with it. They're 3 points per bag.
Meanwhile, Liam fed the goldfish pepper for lunch. True story. Seriously, I can't take my eyes off of that boy! Thankfully, the fish survived.
My afternoon snack was an oskri bar served with a big 'ole pile of laundry. I think chocolate makes folding laundry more appealing, don't you? 4 points, thank you very much.
Arnold Palmer makes this delicious half tea/half lemonade drink mix that you should go out and buy right now. Zero points for the win!
 I made homemade pizza for the boys for dinner, but I didn't partake. Will power, people. The hubs and I had leftovers instead. I had more Laughing Cow Whipped Potatoes That Aren't and Ranch Roasted Potatoes. I dipped my potatoes (any maybe even some cauliflower) in Reduced Sugar ketchup this time, and savored every bite. It was a 6 point dinner.
After dinner I skedaddled out in the rain to buy groceries for the week. Kevin kept the boys so I didn't have to wrestle any monkeys while shopping. I grabbed a Coke Zero from Subway and took my good 'ole time browsing our friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart. It doesn't take much to excite me these days.
 I returned to find these two plumbers working out garbage disposal issues. They recruited me to dig stuff out (pictures not included). I'll never eat chicken tortilla soup again. 
 I rewarded myself with a sensational banana cream pie milkshake that I whipped up in the blender. It was 5 heavenly points worth. I'll post the recipe soon in case anyone is interested!
I also gave in to a craving for cheese tonight because, well, my will power was gone after the garbage disposal incident. It was a 2-point craving.

I get a total of 29 daily points. 
I used 33 points today. 
The good news is that I have a total of 49 weekly points. 
After tonight, I still have 45 weekly points to draw from this week should any more cheese cravings arise.

Signing off with my evening cup of sleepytime tea in hand, 



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