Jul 26, 2013

iphone photography... a guide for the everyday mom. {New Friday Series}

I'm super excited to announce a new Friday series here on the blog! It's a melding of two of my favorite things: iphones and photography! I don't know about you, but my iphone has become like my third arm. Just a few of the many things I use it for include getting weather updates, reading my latest Kindle downloads, planning my menus, keeping up with daily chores, staying healthy, and of course, photographing my children and other inspiring things I notice throughout the day. Truth be told, well over half of the most current photos taken of my children have been taken via iphone. I own a pretty nice camera, but there's one major hindrance that keeps me from using it-- it's not always with me. And my iphone is. So unless I'm being intentional about taking more quality photos, I typically don't carry my clunky DSLR camera around with me. Some may say that a photo is "less than" when coming from an iphone, but I would dare say that my iphone photos have been some of my favorite photos that I have ever taken. And I attribute that mostly to the iPhone's accessibility. It's simply there when I need it. 

It's there when I'm inspired...

  It's there in those "easy to miss" moments when my children are fully engaged and there's just not enough time to grab the "real" camera..

 It's there when I forget my "real" camera at home and all the cousins are piled up in bed having the time of their lives...

    It's there. And that makes all the difference.

 So because it's there, and because I (and probably you) use it often, why not use it well? That's where the inspiration for the series came from. I am no expert photographer by any stretch of the imagination, nor does every photo I take reflect a well-thought-out plan. I'm just a regular mom who loves taking pictures and who has learned a thing or two about photography over the years. I'd love to share some of my insights with you. And I'd love for you to share your insights with me! One thing I do know, it is possible for us "everyday moms" to capture, edit, and inspire others with our iPhone photography. And it is possible for us "everyday moms" to find time to upload, organize, and print our iPhone photos so that we don't lose them, God forbid something ever happen to our iPhones! And, by the way, if you don't have an iPhone, this series is still for you! Anyone who uses a camera of any type can benefit from the series. So join me next Friday for our first lesson!

In the meantime, Happy Shooting!


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