Apr 30, 2015

Losing Postpartum with Weight Watchers

I figure it's time for a little update about my weight loss journey with Weight Watchers-- a journey I've been on since way back in 2011 when Liam was only 4 months old. 

Has time really gone by that fast?!

Here is the first post I ever wrote about Weight Watchers. Little did I know back than that I would absolutely fall in love with the program and credit it with helping me to lose 20+ pounds of postpartum weight after Liam was born. 

Nearly four years later and another pregnancy to boot, and I can still count on Weight Watchers for my weight loss needs.

A couple of weeks after Ezra was born I decided that it was time for me to begin attending my weekly Weight Watcher meetings again. Many commented that it was too early for me to start thinking about postpartum weight loss, but for me it was about much more than the weight loss. While I was fully committed to sticking to the program for the weight loss benefits, I was also very much excited to get out of the house once per week to join my community of Weight Watcher friends. It was great for my mental state as well as for my physical health, as I knew that putting the right foods into my body would be critical in my postpartum recovery.

At my first weight-in postpartum I had 25 pounds to lose to get back to my goal weight. Having done the program for so long I knew exactly what types of meals and snacks I would need to plan to ensure the greatest success. I jumped right back onto plan and have already lost 12 of those 25 pounds!

Well about three weeks ago, life seemed to get a little more hectic. Easter rolled around and then Kevin's birthday and then a weekend trip out of town. I missed several meetings, began to slack on my tracking, and eventually loss much of my motivation. My weight didn't go up, but I stopped losing and just plateaued.

For those who have ever been on a journey to lose weight or just get healthy in general, you know that's it's very difficult to to get back on track after a loss of motivation. Once you lose momentum, it takes a whole lot of effort to get the ball rolling again.

I've been struggling to get my ball rolling again.

So I was thinking that maybe keeping a weekly weight loss journal here on the blog would give my ball a little push. 


If anything, I hope it gives me the accountability I need to push through this season of complacency.

So expect some more frequent updates in the future (maybe even in video form!). Even if you're not doing Weight Watchers, I hope it inspires you to invest in your physical health. Aside from your spiritual health, taking care of yourself physically is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself as well as your family!

Before I sign off, let me leave you with my top five reasons for choosing Weight Watchers for postpartum weight loss:

{1} It has a great track record not only for weight loss but, most importantly, weight maintenance.

{2} The weekly meetings are an awesome time of encouragement, support, and accountability.

{3}They have an awesome mobile app that makes tracking your meals, goals, and weight super simple. (The app also includes recipes, restaurant helps, cheat sheets, shopping lists, and even a chat room for community support!)

{4} I am not restricted at all when it comes to the foods I can eat, which makes it very sustainable and lifestyle friendly.

{5} I can eat all the fruit I want and most veggies without having to track them so I never have to feel hungry. And the weight still comes off!

I should also mention that there is a fee associated with joining Weight Watchers, but once you reach your healthy goal weight and are able to maintain it, you become a lifetime member and no longer have to pay for all the wonderful services. That in itself it great motivation to stay on track! 

And one more thing, I am in no way endorsed by Weight Watchers to promote their program. I do because I believe it works.


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