May 1, 2015

Our Small Summer Container Garden {Video Footage Included!}

A couple of summer ago, we planted our first vegetable garden.We really enjoyed the experience as well as the delicious "fruit" of our labor- fresh garden veggies on a daily basis!

Last summer I was in my first trimester of pregnancy for Ezra so we decided not to plant anything. It was best considering the pregnancy fatigue and nausea, but I certainly missed the rewards of having our own backyard garden. 

This summer I knew that I couldn't go without at least a few fresh herbs and veggies, so I made the decision to plant a garden, but on a much smaller scale than I did two summers ago. I'm using containers this year, and we're only planting a few things. I have never planted in containers before so I'm not sure if I will have any success, but I wanted to give it a try!

One afternoon this week the big boys and I set out to plant our herbs and veggies. We captured some video footage that we hope you enjoy! {video below}

Let me know if you have any tips and tricks for planting in containers? Any predictions on what might happen with my garden?


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