May 13, 2015

Weighing In & NSV's {Weight Watcher Wednesday}

After a 0.6 lb. weight loss week before last, I was pleasantly surprised to see a 1.6 lb. weight loss last week! {Just an FYI, I plan to post my Weight Watcher updates on Wednesdays, so my stats will be from the previous week's weigh-in}. So, as you can imagine, I was pretty motivated to keep on track this week in hopes of another loss at tomorrow night's meeting.  
 I used to get really discouraged when the scale showed such a small weight loss such as 0.6, but after years of tracking I've learned that my body typically fluctuates between smaller losses and bigger losses. So when I'm following plan consistently, I know that the bigger losses will come when my body is ready to register them.

This is one reason why getting on the scale everyday or multiple times per day when you're trying to lose weight is a bad idea {I learned that the hard way}. The scale will play mind games with you. And weight loss is very much a mental battle, so why fight more battles than absolutely necessary, right? Our bodies are very complex. Things are constantly coming in, going out, transforming, dissolving, etc. So our weight can vary greatly depending on the time of day we weigh, what we ate, what we drank, what we're wearing, etc.

We've all been there. Working really hard to lose a pound, and then seeing a GAIN on the scale. It's enough to send us straight into the kitchen for a pity snack, which usually sends us into a downward spiral of bad choices.

Remember, it's only a number. And a very inaccurate one if you're weighting too often or with too many variables at stake.

The best strategy when trying to lose weight is to hide the scale...

...and to only take it out once per week on the same day of the week at the same time of day wearing the same type of clothes! That will give you your most accurate number. My weigh-in time in at my Weight Watcher meetings on Thursday evenings at 5:45pm. I usually always wear a cotton t-shirt and shorts. I try not to eat high sodium food before weighing in, and I always empty my bladder before stepping on the scale.

Having said that, it's also important to note that in your weight loss journey, the scale should not define you. There is no magic number that will make you happy if you're body and mind are not engaged in the weight loss process. In fact, I'm not even currently focused on a number for myself. Instead I'm focused on my favorite pair of summer shorts. I remember how good I felt in them, and I know that if I can fit back into them I will feel great no matter what the scale says.

 Did you know that in the weight loss community we cheer each other on for NSV's. That stands for...

Non-Scale Victories!

does an old ring fit better? a pair of jeans? can you do a couple of more push-ups than you used to be able to? can you run a little farther? is your collarbone starting to peek through? what about your cheek bones? does the bath towel fit around you better? can you cross your legs more comfortably? did you choose the side salad over the fries? fruit over ice cream?

There are so many things to celebrate on your journey to healthy!

The scale is important because it lets you know whether or not you're headed in the right direction, but weight loss is about so much more than a number. It's about how you feel. And often those little non-scale victories are just what you need to keep moving forward!


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