Aug 14, 2017

Our Classical Conversations Cycle 3, Week 2 Plans

I am excited about our homeschooling plans this year! We started our regular subject rotation a couple weeks ago, which included Bible, Math, Reading, Writing, Language, and Spelling. Then last week we started our weekly community days with Classical Conversations. We are easing into a new routine, and my desire is to make schooling fun and interesting for my boys this year and also work on building genuine relationships with them through our time together. I can often get so caught up in the academics that I forgot to make learning fun and to actually enjoy my time with my boys. This is one of the greatest gifts of homeschooling, and I am trying to be purposeful in it this coming school year. So I thought I'd share my CC plans for our homeschool this week. Mind you, things typically never go as planned, but having a rough outline of what we want to cover in a day certainly helps! 

Our new week starts on Tuesdays when new material is introduced, so I will start there...

Tuesday: Community Day



  • Memory Work/Bible Memory
  • Math Lesson & Worksheet
  • Practice Presentation with Dad
  • Watch Mayflower Story on YouTube
  • Handwriting / Spelling
  • Reading

  • Library Day (returns & pickups)
  • Planning Day
  • Gather Supplies for Next Week
  • Catch up on any work from Friday (we often take off on Fridays or have field trips!)

Sunday: Rest

  • Memory Work/Bible Memory
  • Math Lesson & Worksheet (abeka)
  • Practice Presentation with Mom
  • Handwriting/Spelling
  • STEM Mayflower boat building challenge
  • Language/Reading
  • Work in “Draw the USA” book

For all my fellow CC moms out there, I'd love to hear what fun things you're planning this week!



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