Sep 27, 2017

Our Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Week 6 Plan

I know we are already halfway through the week, but it's better late then never for these weekly plans, right?! I missed the week 5 plans because we were on a weeklong vacation.  We returned on Sunday, and we are slowly getting back into our homeschool routine.  Monday was rough, but we pushed through a couple of subjects before I threw in the towel and decided that having unpacked bags, clean laundry, and groceries trumped any further homeschooling plans I had for the day. I also needed to finish prepping for tutoring the following day. 
We were so excited to be back at CC on Tuesday. Our day was full of sharing and learning. We did our family presentation about our trip to Orange Beach, and the boys each did class presentations on the souvenirs they got on vacation.  
We were full swing back into routine today. I was pleasantly surprised at the boys' positive attitudes, which made for a highly successful day! Our morning time of memory work and reading aloud really bring us together as a family. Today we continued working on  Psalm 119:9-16, questions 21-26 in the  Catechism for Boys and Girls, and our week 7 CC memory work. We began reading  The Magic Treehouse: Danger in the Darkest Hour and made it through chapter 3. The book opens a window into what it was like during World War 2 in France. The boys started off playing legos on the floor while I read, and halfway through chapter 2 they were both sitting next to me on the couch wide-eyed and all ears! I love to see them interested in a story like that!
I decided that in the next couple of weeks we will be taking some very focused time during our day to work on handwriting. Both boys struggle with neatness and form in their handwriting, so we will be taking a step back from copywork and language lessons to have a sort of handwriting bootcamp! I think this will benefit them both in the long run. 
We ended our day with spelling, math, and reading. 
Below is our basic morning routine and all of the extra activities we hope to scatter throughout the rest of the week. 

Morning Routine (3rd Grader, 1st Grader, 2-yr. Old)

Activities to Scatter Throughout the Week:
  • Read our library books about the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition 

I'd love to hear any of your ideas for the week!



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