Jun 23, 2014

BC #3 Week 12 Pregnancy Update

To commemorate this last day of the 12th week of my third pregnancy (aka the last day of my first trimester.. eek!), I figured an update was in order!

Let's start out with a couple of pics since those are always fun...

12 weeks worth of baby... and french fries... and cookies... #realtalk

 And on the inside of that belly...
the cutest baby legs I've ever seen... #ofcourse

So, I last left you on week 8.. exhausted. I can't say that has changed much YET, but I have high hopes of more energy as I round the corner into the second trimester.

So let's break things down...

How Far Along: 12 weeks 6 days

Symptoms: As aforementioned.. exhausted. Also, last we chatted I hadn't yet had any encounters with the toilet. Well, that changed approximately one week and one day ago. Don't worry, it was only one episode. Basically: Father's Day crawfish boil + a latenight car ride home + not taking my medicine on time = it was bound to happen. When we finally got home that night I ran from the car to the medicine cabinet and tried to down the pill to relieve the nausea, but instead I gagged on the pill and, well... the rest is history. Silas was in hysterics because he thought there was a virus in the house and that he'd be next to catch it. I finally calmed him down and assured him it was only his little baby brother or sister saying "hello, I'm still here!" Thankfully, it hasn't happened again. I've since upped my dose of medicine, knowing that weeks 11-14 are usually the worst for me.

Cravings: The chip craving is gone! Hallelujah! And many of my other cravings have slowly faded away as well. I'm grateful to be back to a semi-normal diet, including my morning cup of coffee. The little extra boost in the morning certainly helps with the exhaustion. I do have to keep something in my stomach to keep from feeling sick, so I do still snack a lot.  But one thing that I have been snacking on is fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. Although we don't have our own garden this year, we've gotten plenty of fresh vegetables from friends and neighbors, so I'm taking full advantage of the opportunity to indulge in fresh produce.

But of course, the boys and I still frequent our local snowball stand way too often...

Blackberry with condensed milk

Aversions: I still can't eat a cheese nips, thanks to overindulging on them early on. I did clean out my pantry and rid it of the strange smell (I think I've narrowed it down to the onions), which makes my life a lot easier.

Nesting: Two weeks ago I filled about 7-8 garbage bags of stuff and donated them to our local thrift store...

Decluttering feels awesome...

This week I tackled another closet and came out with one full garbage bag of trash and one full bag of items to donate. I call that progress! Where does all this junk come from?!

Highlight: Because it took me so long to get in at my new doctor's office, I didn't have my first ultrasound until 11 weeks. Although it was a long wait, it turned out to be such a blessing to be able to see all the little body parts wiggling around in my belly. And when I say wiggling, I mean BC#3 was breaking. it. down. in there. The doctor even started singing, "wave your hands in the air" at some point! It was amazing to see. I thought I would be able to hold it together since this is my third rodeo, but nope, I cried like it was the first time I'd ever seen a little life inside of me and heard the glorious sound of that little beating heart (163 bpm, by the way). That's the stuff in life that truly never. gets. old. Kevin and the boys were able to be in the room with me, which made it all the more special. After seeing the ultrasound Silas commented that he finally believes that there's really a baby in my belly. Having a child old enough to understand what's going on this time around is also something very special to experience. 

Until next time,

Jun 3, 2014

What's in Your Beach Bag?

This year's beach trip was the first trip in the last five years that I didn't have a "baby" along for the ride. On the way home from Destin Kevin and I talked about how much easier it was to travel with kids that don't require strict nap or feeding schedules. And although we're still working through potty training with Liam, he is (for the most part) trained for daytime. So we didn't have to worry about swim diapers or baby food or the grouchiness that comes as a result of a missed nap. It was quite freeing, to be honest. I realize that next year will be quite different as we welcome a new baby into our family, but it was nice to get a glimpse of how things might look for our family in a few years.

This year we vacationed with a 5 and 3-year old. As I packed our beach bag each day I realized how "no-brainer" the packing had become. And not only did it not require much thought, but there were also no critical items that I had to plan for (i.e. formula, diapers, etc.). However, our hotel was far enough away that I had no intention of walking back and forth for forgotten items, so I wanted to be as prepared as possible.

Enter the simplified "Beach Bag Packing List"...

Anyone who knows me knows I have an affinity for list-making. I err on the side of being over-prepared as opposed to under-prepared, and making lists always sets my mind at ease.

So here's a little running commentary of our simplified beach bag packing list this year, including things I learned along the way...

  •  Beach Towels: I brought one for each of us every day, but we never used all four. I think I could have saved a little room and gotten away with just packing two. We mainly used the towels for wiping eyes and as a barrier from the sand. At the end of the day we all wiped off some before walking back to the hotel, but that didn't require four towels.
  • Sun Screen: I prefer a spray on sun screen that can be applied to wet or dry skin. It makes application easy even with squirmy kids. 
  • Sunglasses: The glare on the beach is often blinding, so this is a must-have for me. The kids each have a pair to, but we didn't bother bringing them to the beach because they would most likely have wound up somewhere out in the gulf.     

  •  Beach Umbrella:We never rent the beach chairs out on the beach, so a few years ago I invested in a small beach umbrella to stick in the sand. It was pretty cheap, actually. Last year it was a lifesaver when the boys were ready to get out of the sun but not quite ready to leave the beach. And wouldn't you know it... I forgot to take it with us this year!! Thankfully, another prepared family member brought hers, and it was nice to have. That prepared family member also brought beach chairs, which I don't usually bring along (I just sit on a towel), but the chairs were nice to have.

  • Zip Top Bag for Electronics: The only electronics that I brought with me to the beach were my phone and camera. I wanted to keep them as safe and dry as possible, so having a bag to protect them from wet clothes or spilled water was helpful.
  • Snacks: I learned a lot about beach snacks this year, which will guide my snack choices in the future. One day I threw a variety of snacks into my bag, including chocolate-y granola bars. Bad idea. Chocolate + Sun = one big melted mess. So I've since determined to make sure any snacks that accompany us to the beach are in no danger of melting. In fact, the best snack day was when I brought one big bag of corn chips with us. All the kids liked them, they traveled well, and there were no choices to make (i.e. no digging around).
  • Water Bottles: My sister-in-law taught me a little trick this year as far as drinks go. She brought a couple of big bottles of frozen Gatorade with us to the beach one day. This was a brilliant idea for several reasons. Not only did the drinks stay cold, but they defrosted slowly, which meant they lasted longer. There was also less danger of spilling. Score! Don't get me wrong, I'm all about staying as hydrated as possible, but I'm also all about practicality. Frozen drinks, y'all!
  • Life Jackets: This is a MUST with young kids. We use Stearns Puddle Jumpers, which have proven very trustworthy over the years. They are extremely durable and comfortable enough that the boys don't complain about wearing them.
  •  Goggles: Because Liam absolutely cannot survive the beach or pool without having goggles glued to his forehead. I didn't have to worry about losing the goggles because there was no way Liam was taking them off.
  • Buckets & Shovels: Because you can't go to the beach without building a sandcastle! I had a pail and shovel for each child, plus a couple of other small containers to add a little more creativity to the building efforts. Liam spent most of his time on the beach playing with his bucket, which made tagging them along well worth the effort. 

So, I absolutely NEED to know...

What's in your beach bag?? Are there any tricks or tips that you have for beach vacationing with kids (and babies)? Help us all out by sharing your best tips!!

May 25, 2014

BC#3 Week 8 Pregnancy Update

How Far Along: 8 Weeks 5 Days

Symptoms: I'll let this picture do all the explaining...

Exhaustion. But I'll take fatigue any day over nausea. I still haven't had a face-to-face encounter with the toilet, which I'm grateful for every. single. day. I've had a few lingering waves of nausea here and there, but those moments are easily manageable and nothing compared to what I was used to dealing with during my previous pregnancies. 

Soooooo, lack of nausea means more of an appetite to deal with. And frequent snacking seems to relieve a queasy stomach. Factor in that I'm already having round ligament pain and sore hips (hello, third pregnancy), and we have quite the equation. Let's do the math: Bigger Appetite + Frequent Snacking (not always healthy) + Early Uterus Growth = Tighter Pants. And it all kinda caught up to me this week. It was a little alarming since I'm used to losing weight in the first trimester. The steady weight gain has definitely been different experience. Thankfully, my Facebook mommy friends assured me that all this belly popping is perfectly normal, especially for a third pregnancy. So until I can get my hands on a Bella band, I'm rigging my pants with rubber bands. I did pull down my box of maternity clothes from the attic this week, but most of my stuff is winter wear, so I'll be shopping for summer maternity clothes very soon. 

Cravings: Pictures. They explain it all. 

One word words: Chips.
I'm balancing out the chip craving with something a little healthier... my favorite summer refresher: the Pretty-in-Pink Slushie Drink. It contains watermelon, which I can't seem to get enough of these days. 
I've also had more of a sweet tooth this time around. Cake. Bring it on. Cookies. I'll take Oreo.

Aversions: Coffee is still mostly an aversion. Also, Cheese Nips. Strange, but true. And I can't stand the smell of my pantry. It's the weirdest thing. I keep wanting to clean it out and wipe down all the shelves with good-smelling cleaning spray to see if that helps, but I just haven't had the energy yet. 

Nesting: I'm on a mission to declutter our house. I've already donated several boxes of stuff to our church's garage giveaway and plan to continue. But let's be real, if I have the energy to load the dishwasher everyday I'm doing well. 

Last Week's Highlight: We wrapped up another year of AWANA at FBC Lockport. I've been blessed to work with the Cubbies (pre-k3 through pre-k4) for the past couple of years, Silas included. Silas successfully completed the Cubbie Scripture memory program this Spring and will be moving up to Sparks in the Fall. Liam (mommy's sidekick) will "officially" be entering the Cubbie program in the Fall. I say "officially" because although he wasn't old enough to be a registered Cubbie he was always with me in class and participated in nearly everything the Cubbies did. I appreciate of all the Cubbie helpers, including Mrs. Aleshia who worked closely with Silas and always included Liam even though he wasn't an "official" Cubbie. We're looking forward to starting up again in the Fall.  

Liam, Mikey (Mrs. Aleshia's son), Mrs. Aleshia, and Silas. Silas & Mikey showing off their trophies and ribbons. Both boys will be moving up to Sparks in the Fall.  
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