May 29, 2008

10 Reasons...

...I love Google Reader:
  1. I love reading blogs! (of both friends and strangers)
  2. No more time wasted clicking around for blog updates-my Google Reader keeps me "in the know."
  3. I can access all the blogs I read from any computer (given it's connected to the the Internet, of course).
  4. I can organize my blog subscriptions into folders (Friends, Cooking, Photography, Ministry, etc.).
  5. I can "star" posts that I find particularly interesting, which allows me to go back and read them without having to search for them.
  6. I can read entire posts (including links, pictures, videos) all in one place-no more clicking around! (can you tell I'm excited about less clicking? :)
  7. I can discover new blogs because Google Reader kindly recommends other blogs that I might enjoy reading based on my current subscriptions.
  8. No downloading anything to access the service-just sign in! (I already had a Google email account so I could sign in using my existing account).
  9. Subscribing to blogs is as easy as blinking! (that's the first comparison that came to mind.. don't know why :)
  10. It's free!

Why didn't I discover this sooner?

Saving Time,

Beth <><


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