May 20, 2008

The Episode

I was in a friend's wedding over the weekend. Since the wedding was out of town, Kevin and I stayed with some very hospitable friends of ours (thanks, D & G :) Friday night was the rehearsal/rehearsal diner, and Saturday night was the wedding. The wedding was wonderful, and everything went smoothly...EXCEPT... for the "hair episode" that I had on Saturday just before the wedding (listen up, girls). I had made a hair styling appointment on Saturday afternoon (since I'm awful at creating my own "formal-type" hairstyles). I got to the salon right on time and consulted with my stylist, making it very clear what I wanted (so I thought... I even had a picture, for crying out loud!). I assume you can see where this is going? Well, after an hour of her picking and pulling at my hair and forcing bobby pins in ungodly places (while I was faced AWAY from the mirror), she proudly turned the salon chair around and asked the anticipated question, "Well, what do you think?" And yes, you guessed it, to my horror, it was totally NOT what I wanted my hair to look like! Didn't she see the picture?? One look in the mirror, and I couldn't help but envision myself in a Victorian painting wearing pantalettes under a fluffy ball gown with an umbrella propped over my shoulder. Wrong era, lady! Of course, being the non-confrontational type (aka Golden Retriever), I maintained my composure, thanked her for her time, paid the outrageous fee, and rushed back to my car to try to figure out what I was going to do with this mess. Any of you girls ever been there? I headed to pick up Kevin (he had been studying at a nearby bookstore), and, trying to console his distraught wife, he said that it didn't look so bad, but supported a change if would make me feel better. So with barely any time before I had to head to the wedding, I contemplated whether or not to leave it the way it was or to try something else myself. Finally, in a rare display of courage, knowing that I couldn't last the whole night with my hair looking like this, I began the mad dash to remove the gazillions bobby pins from the unnatural mound of manufactured curls. The amazing part was that the curls stayed in place, loosened up a little, and actually looked good in a more natural "down-do"! I hurriedly swept my bangs back and was even more satisfied with my new self-created look. Why didn't I just do this in the first place?? I was devastated that I had wasted so much money on such a horrible hairstyle! Thankfully, Kevin was very understanding (maybe because he grew up with 3 sisters), and we both agreed that it was a lesson learned. Kevin's tip of the day: Never try something new the DAY OF the event! Lesson WELL-learned :)


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