May 14, 2008

The TV Dilemma

Since moving to the seminary in August of 2006 Kevin and I have chosen not to have cable television, and the reasoning behind our decision has been 1) the distraction 2) the bad channels far outnumber the good ones and 3) the cost (why pay so much for mostly junk?). We're both big channel surfers (aka TV time wasters) so the fewer channels we have to surf, the better. And so far our little "rabbit ears" have worked out just fine for giving us our "TV fix" without leaving us ensnared. We get about 8 channels, which allow us to watch some of our favorite TV shows (by adjusting the "rabbit ears" accordingly :) Of course, this means that there is no Sports Center or Cold Case Files for Kevin and no Jon & Kate Plus 8 or Design on a Dime for me. And I have to be honest and say that I've been having some serious TLC withdrawals lately (no pun intended), and with the N.O. Hornets doing so well, Kevin really dislikes not being able to watch the playoff games at home. Thus the inevitable question--to get cable or not to get cable? So far we've resisted the urge, but the temptation seems to be getting stronger. So what should we do? Should we just suck it up and go on without cable, saving time and money? Should we budget for cable and hold each other accountable to limit our intake? Is it worth spending money on cable every month when we can get a few decent channels for free? So many things to think about... Any wisdom? Leave a comment :)


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