Jul 3, 2008

First Photo!

(click on the picture for a larger view)
I think I'm housing a small mouse! (haha)

Baby Celestin Update: Our 7 week visit went really well. I was so excited to see my little baby that we actualy arrived at the doctor's office way early. I wasn't going to be late for this! We went through the usual rituals (checking weight, blood preasure, etc.) and finally got to the ultrasound. Kevin was able to see a lot more than I could (considering my position), but I made him give me the play-by-play on the way home in case I had missed anything important (like in case the baby waved or anything.. haha). My doctor finally did turn the screen for me to see the little peanut and to hear the most beautiful sound imaginable-the heartbeat! It was music to our ears. I can't believe that there is life inside of me! The very thought of it evokes grateful praise to our mighty God! Although I was "technically" 7 weeks and 2 days on Wednesday, the baby was measuring 7 weeks 4 days. The doctor still kept my due date as February 16th though. Of course, we finished by asking when we could see the baby again, and as we expected, not until our 20 week visit when we can determine the sex. I can't wait! Continue to pray for Baby Celestin and parents... health for the baby, a little less nausea for mommy, and endurance for daddy as he works really hard to get some school work out of the way for when baby arrives.
Thanks for journeying with us!
Kevin, Beth, and Baby <><


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