Jul 30, 2008

Q & A

A good friend recently asked me to be honest about my greatest need as a seminary wife, and I thought I’d share some of my response with you.

"I think my greatest need since being a seminary wife has been the need for genuine fellowship and support for my own spiritual life and for my marriage. Seminary is not always a “mountaintop experience,” if you will. I am so thankful for the small accountability peer group that I meet with on Tuesday nights for downright honesty about life—both struggles and blessings. It’s good to hear from other seminary wives that life is not always perfect or easy, and it’s also wonderful to be able to embrace the encouragement they give from God’s Word and from their own personal experiences. Smaller groups have always worked best for me. This is where I have gotten the most encouragement and the best resources to make the most of my time at seminary. My group, for instance, keeps each other accountable in areas such as spending daily time in the Word and in prayer, memorizing Scripture, respecting and loving our husbands/families, and evangelizing (aka getting out of the seminary “bubble”). Simple concepts, yes, but the flesh if often weak, and we all need to be reminded of our true purpose and calling—not to be seminary wives, but to be whole-hearted followers of Christ. The rest “shall be added unto you.” We also have breaks in the “regularly scheduled programming” for game nights (husbands invited) or dinners together."

Thankful for my Tuesday night girls,



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