Jul 23, 2008

Sister Weekend and 10 Weeks

There’s nothing like a sister-filled weekend! My sister Sara came to New Orleans this past weekend to spend some time with us, and we really enjoyed her company. We picked her up on Friday and headed to Best Buy to make a long-anticipated purchase—Mario Cart for the Wii! Kevin and I have been wanting that game! So as you can imagine, the three of us headed home, had a quick diner, and spent the rest of the night competing in some hardcore racing! It was a blast. Sara was surprisingly AWESOME at the game, and I believe she is having withdrawals as we speak (haha). Saturday we slept in and headed to a birthday party for Kevin’s goddaughter around lunchtime. We celebrated Talia’s 6th birthday with a St. Lucian style barbeque. Sara got a “taste” of St. Lucian culture, and while she made a few weird faces when tasting the food, I think she enjoyed the company. After the party, we headed home for some more Mario Cart before leaving again for La Nuit Theater for a Comedy Sportz show. Kevin and I had never been so we had no idea if it would be good or not. But now we can officially say that if you’ve never been, you HAVE to go! It's a family friendly (clean) improv show featuring two teams competing in various improv games. And, of course, it requires audience participation. We had some great laughs and can’t wait to go again. Sara was able to come to church with us on Sunday and meet our current church family. Kevin didn’t have to preach the night service so we left right after church to bring Sara home and to enjoy some shrimp and crabs with my family. We also enjoyed time in the swimming pool and ended the day with a competitive game of Scrabble. It was a great weekend and, for the most part, I felt really good considering my continuing battle with morning sickness. Speaking of, Baby Celestin is about the size of a kumquat this week! Growing like a weed! (hehe)
Anniversary Update: Yesterday was our anniversary, and although we had planned to go out to eat at a fancy New Orleans restaurant, we decided that we should wait to celebrate until I could actually hold the food down, especially if its expensive food! (haha) So we spent the evening together at home, which was still special. And we'll definitely hit a good restaurant when the sickness passes.

Sorry for the late update! This week has been a roller coaster!


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