Aug 25, 2008

15 Weeks

Baby Celestin is about the size of an apple this week. He/she is about 4 inches long now (crown to rump).

Pregnancy is so weird. There are so many random issues that I never knew were associated with pregnancy. For instance, I woke up one night and my right arm had gone numb and all it was doing was laying on my belly. Then one day at work part of my right hand went numb while I was sitting at my desk. After freaking out and doing way too much research on pregnancy and body parts going numb, I discovered that this is actually normal. As the uterus grows it may rest on certain nerves which can in turn cause numbness. Who knew?! I have also been dealing with what I thought was a summer cold. I've been having a stuffy nose and lots of mucous in the back of my throat for a couple of weeks now. Come to find out this is actually normal in pregnant women due to increased blood flow to my mucous membranes. It's commonly called "rhinitis of pregnancy." Again, who knew?! I can't help but wonder what the next 25 weeks will bring!


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