Sep 12, 2008

Ike Date

Ike is definitely making his presence known here in South Louisiana today. I was late for work this morning due to the heavy winds. To ensure my safety, I waited to go in until the winds died down a little and then Kevin dropped me off instead of me driving myself. This Ike stuff actually began yesterday afternoon with a power outage at the seminary. It doesn't take much for those old apartment buildings to lose power, and it's usually a nice long wait until it comes on again so Kevin and I decided to make a date night out of it. He had some computer work and reading to do so our first stop was Borders bookstore. I love bookstores, so while he did his work, I headed to the children's book section to see what books may be in Baby Celestin's future. I learned 2 things: (1) there are plenty of great books out there, and (2) they're EXPENSIVE! We may need to check out a used book store to get out baby library started. Nonetheless, we took advantage of our time there and went ahead and read Baby Celestin his/her first book. Kevin actually read the book since it was called "Me and My Dad." It was the cutest little book, and I think the baby liked it, but at $17, Kevin decided that he would write his own books for the baby (haha). After Borders we went to Applebee's for diner. I popped a Pepcid and had my favorite dish there, the chicken fajita rollup (Yum!) Then we hit the movies. We saw the movie Traitor, which was REALLY good. It's one of those movies with an awesome twist that makes you say "WOW" after its over. After the movie we headed home to an apartment WITH power (yay!) I was exhausted, so even though the wind made it sound like a train was coming through our apartment, I slept like a baby.




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