Nov 10, 2008

26 Weeks

Happy Monday, blog readers! I hope your weekend was a good one. I wish mine would have lasted a little longer! I got a lot of rest this weekend though, which I desperately needed. Hopefully Silas got a little sleep too, in between his gymnastic training sessions inside my belly. His 14 inch, 1 & 2/3 lb. little body sure does feel a lot bigger than that sometimes when he gets to moving!
"Why the picture of vanilla soy milk." you ask? Well, here's another weird pregnancy thing that my body is going through that I don't believe is normal- I can't tolerate cow's milk! I typically enjoy milk (especially in a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats or with a piece of chocolate cake :), and I've never had a problem tolerating it... until becoming pregnant! Now I throw up every time I try to drink milk! Weird, I know. So anyway, this weekend I bought this vanilla soy milk to see if it would be a good substitute. I had it over cereal and also drank it by itself, and, while it doesn't taste all that bad, it will definitely take a little getting used to. Hopefully it'll at least get me through those cereal cravings for the next 14 weeks!

In other family news, we got our move date! We'll be moving into a two-bedroom apartment on campus in early December. And believe it or not, I have mixed emotions about the whole thing! I am really excited about the extra space and our new little resident coming in February, but I'm dreading the whole moving process, especially since we'll be moving AGAIN at the end of May when Kevin graduates. Another weird emotion that I'm experiencing is sadness, which stems from the fact that our little 2 x 4 Willingham apartment was Kevin and I's first home together. We moved in right after getting married and have shared so many memories there these past two years. This move is marking a new and exciting chapter in our lives, but its always difficult to leave memories behind. So, YES, I will actually MISS our 2 x 4 apartment! Life is funny :)

Anyway, back to the actual moving process. This is all I got so far:
Three little office depot boxes...

...and one of them is filled with Silas' things! (He has his own box already!)

I've got a long way to go *sigh*

Hopefully I can get some more done this week.

Have a good week!

Beth <><


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