Jun 24, 2009

4-Month Well Visit

Silas visited his pediatrician for a 4-month well visit this week. He is now weighing 14 lbs. 10 ozs., and is over 25 inches long! We're so thankful for a healthy, growing boy! Silas got some vaccinations during this visit, and he wasn't very happy about it (who ever is?). It was his first time getting vaccinations. We had postponed them due to his earlier medical problems. I think he was a little mad at me after I allowed him to get poked 3 times, but he was over it by the time we hit I-10.

Here are a couple of pics of Silas having some fun on the doctor's table before his check-up.

And here's a little video of Silas having fun with the paper on the doctor's table!

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