Jun 20, 2009

4 Months Old!!

Silas, you are FOUR MONTHS old today!!
(Warning: This blog post is LONG, but I'm a proud Momma, and typing up all of Silas' 4-month milestones for him made me happy... so bear with me!)

SO, here's what you are up to these days, Silas:
  • You are finally growing out of your fussiness and are really fun to be around *yay*
  • You are a very curious little fellow, always exploring the world around you with an intense look on your face.
  • Your favorite toys are still Momma and Papa (haha).
  • You drool A LOT- enough that Momma has to change shirts during the day!
  • You can hold your head up really well and when you're on your tummy your little arms are strong enough to push your torso up to about a 90 degree angle.
  • You can reach for your toys now. You even scoot towards them.
  • You are in a size 2 diaper.
  • Your are practically in 6 month clothes, but you're not chubby, only getting longer.
  • Your eyes are still a beautiful mix of blue, green, and gray (depends on the outfit).
  • Your still have a lot of black, curly hair, but we're noticing that it's beginning to fall out in the back :(
  • You are eating about every 4 hours (except at night you can go longer) and taking between 5-6 ounces every feeding.
  • You recognize your bottle and try to hold it by yourself, but you don't quite have the coordination yet. Same with your pacifier, which you mostly chew on instead of suck these days.
  • Your bedtime is between 8 and 9, and you usually wake up somewhere between 7-8.
  • You still wake up once during the night for a feeding.
  • You wake up with a big smile for Momma every morning.
  • You are beginning to take long naps, but we're still working on consistency.
  • You are in your own room now, but still in your pack 'n play until we move-then you'll be in your big boy crib!
  • You are beginning to really enjoy bath time. Momma usually gets wet from all of your kicking and splashing.
  • You like when Momma sings to you (I'm pretty sure you're the only one who enjoys that.. hehe)
  • When you hear your Papa's voice you practically break your neck trying to find him and when you do, you give him a huge smile.
  • You are a rolling machine! You make your way all around the living room floor by rolling and scooting. You sometimes think you're big enough to crawl, but when your face hits the floor you realize that your time has not yet come.
  • Every time we put you on your changing table you flip to your stomach. It frustrates your Momma and Papa, but we're still proud that you are strong enough to flip like that. (Momma has even changed your diaper with you on your stomach.. it's not an easy task.)
  • You are totally OBSESSED with putting your hands in you mouth (not to mention everything else that lands in your hands).
  • You like playing on your activity mat and in your jumper inside but seem to prefer being outside.
  • You like going to the pool and floating in your raft while watching the other children swim.
  • You are now a church-goer. Hopefully you always will be!
  • You're getting better at being in your car seat, but you still don't like being confined in there very much.
  • You "talk" (aka yell/squeal/babble) all the time. You make Momma and Papa laugh when you start tellin' your stories :) You especially like to "talk" to other children.
  • You've laughed out loud a handful of times, but you're a hard little fella to get laughing! (And Momma knows she's funny, darn it!- haha) We look forward to lots more laughs in the coming month!
  • You are impatient and have a horrible temper (looks like Momma passed on some negative traits...).
  • You are growing like a weed, which makes Momma happy and sad all at the same time.
  • Momma loves spending the whole day with you- it never gets old.
  • Your Momma and Papa love you more than you will ever know.

Happy Fourth Month Birthday, Silas!

We love you SOOO much!!


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