Jun 17, 2009


Ok, is it just me or are some of the most popular nursery rhymes extremely depressing and, I might add, quite violent! I'm trying to make Silas smile as I recite nursery rhymes to him and suddenly I'm realizing that these rhymes are nothin' to smile about! I mean, "Jack fell down and broke his crown (aka head) and Jill came tumbling after." These kids were severely injured! And Humpty Dumpty was the victim of a freak accident when he fell off that wall! Eggs can't be put back together, my friend. And do I dare tell Silas of that poor baby who fell out of the tree when that bough broke? What a tragedy! Give me a tissue! Now, I may be able to relate slightly... SLIGHTLY... to the old woman who lived in the shoe. I'd be stressed out too if I lived in a shoe with a bunch of crazy kids. Those kids probably deserved those whippings. Regardless, Silas doesn't need to know about it, and it's certainly nothing to laugh about. *Sigh* We need some new nursery rhymes, people!


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