Jun 3, 2009


Here are some of Silas' new favorite things...
#1. His new ride: the umbrella stroller. It allows him to sit more upright, which he enjoys.
#2. His new flip flops: or, I should say, the first pair of shoes that actually fit his feet! What can I say, the boy has big feet. We've never been able to pry those little baby shoes onto his chubby little feet, but these flip flops are working out great and giving his toes plenty of breathing room! Aren't they cute? I'm hoping they last through the summer!
#3. His thumb: It's not new to his hand, but it's new to his mouth. It used to go into his mouth with all the rest of the fingers, but now it's going in solo some of the time. I think we may soon have a thumb-sucker on our hands! Isn't he the cutest?? :-)
P.S. I managed to type up three blog posts today so don't stop reading here, keep going!


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