Jun 3, 2009

My Couch is Ringing

Yeah, you read right, my couch is ringing. Why, you ask? Well, apparently couches have appetites and their favorite munchies are innocent unsuspecting cell phones. *sigh* I would say that Kevin lost his cell phone this morning, but the fact is, it isn't lost- it's just in the deep crevices of a poorly made couch. Do you see the arm of the couch? Well, apparently under that comfy arm cushion there is a little box with a tiny opening that allows items in but won't let them out! Ingenious idea! *rolls eyes* Oh, we tried... we flipped, shook, hammered, pried... oh, we tried. There are even several large staples sitting on my kitchen table... hopefully they weren't that important to the overall structure of the thing! My poor hubby was sweating and covered in dust (oops, haven't cleaned under there lately :) by the time he was through fighting with couch... and to no avail. His cell phone is still stuck in there, ringing to get out!! ...So, anyone got a saw?? Or a better idea? (haha) No, seriously, we need a saw :-)

Upset with a couch,


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