Jul 22, 2009

5 Months!

Silas is 5 months old! (as of Monday! I'm late :) Time sure does fly when you're having fun ;) I thought this picture was appropriate for Silas' 5 month photo because it pretty much sums up what the little man has been up too: MOVING and SHAKING! Let me explain. Silas is beginning to tuck his little knees under and scooting himself around. He's not officially crawling YET, but we keep watching closely because it could literally happen any day now. And I have a feeling that once he catches on, there will be NO stopping him! Baby-proofing here we come! He's also able to turn himself around while he's on his belly. So pretty much ANY and ALL objects are in his reach now (unless they're high up). He's actually playing with the remote control in this picture. He likes to shake things, which is what he was doing with the remote. Rattles provide a little more entertainment because they make noise when you shake them, but he's not picky (haha). We've since gotten him his own remote control (an old one we had that doesn't work anymore) so that he won't mess up our working one. Silas is also ALMOST sitting up on his own. He can get himself into the sitting position, but he's not able to balance himself yet so he usually topples over. In other developments, Silas doesn't really like being alone anymore for play time. When Mommy walks away, Silas is very quick to protest. I know I should just let him protest (and I sometimes have to), but, the truth is, I love playing with him too :-) He still doesn't do well with strangers and often cries when they talk to him. (But he's so cute, strangers talk to him often! It's tough bein' cute Haha!) He likes playing in his crib *yay* I put a few plush toys in there, and in the morning when he wakes up he will play for 30 minutes plus with his toys, giving Momma a few more minutes of shut eye! :) He is babbling and laughing more than EVER, which is the cutest thing. The thing he laughs at the most is being thrown up into the air and caught. He may be a little dare devil! Yesterday he moved up in diaper size-#3's! He's growing longer and stronger by the day. In fact, today I had to go through his clothes and weed out the stuff that doesn't fit anymore. He's growing his way into a whole new wardrobe! I came across this little outfit that he wore in the hospital when he was born and almost cried. I packed it away with all the other clothes that he's grown out of. Maybe someday he'll pass this stuff on to a little brother, but until then, we're making room for bigger sizes. On that note, let me get this garbage bag up to Silas' closet. Is it normal to be sad about something like this? (haha). I'm sure all you Momma's understand.


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