Aug 1, 2009

Belated Anniversary Trip

Kevin and I celebrated 3 wonderful years of marriage on July 22nd. Yay! (I love you, babe!) We had lots going on in the days surrounding our anniversary so we were a little delayed in celebrating. But thanks to my parents, we were able to have a little overnight getaway this week. We dropped the little man off at Mimi and Pop's house and headed to the "Red Stick" (aka Baton Rouge!) Yes, I realize BR is not that far away, but we didn't have the time to go any further, and we really wanted to spend some quality time together away from the busyness of life as we know it now. So what exciting things did we do while we were there? We did some shopping, ate out, and went to the movies on Thursday, stayed at a hotel Thursday night, and each enjoyed our favorite activities on Friday- I did more shopping while Kevin caught another movie (ha!) We're very easy to please :-) This might not sound like the most exciting anniversary getaway, but in all honesty, we needed relaxation more than excitement this year! We did carry out our tradition of setting goals for our family this year. And guess what made it on the list AGAIN? Better communication! How long does it take to get this down?? (haha) Anyway, we had a wonderful time and I think we're both recharged and ready for year 4!

~Thank you, Lord, for for unending provision for us this past year as we had so many life transitions. We pray for another year filled with your mercy and grace~


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