Nov 18, 2009

Has it really been over 3 weeks??

Wow, I'm a slacker =) I'll try to redeem myself by including LOTS of pictures. So where do I begin? Let's go ahead and start with Oct. 23rd, the first day that Silas stood up by himslf without pulling up on anything. Auntie Jess A. was here for a visit when it happened and she quickly asked, "Has he done that before??" To which I responded (quite shocked, I might add), "Never!" Wow, another milestone reached! And now, almost one month later, he's beginning to take steps! (The first of which Kevin and I personally witnessed last night.) Two steps to be exact. And one thing with Silas, he catches on to things very quickly so we could very well have a 9-month-old walker. Wow. Does anyone have a leash I can borrow?? (hehe). Another milestone occurred on Oct. 28th, the day I discovered Silas' first tooth. He fell while practicing his standing skills and got a bloody mouth (due to the toy he was chewing on when he fell). Suprisingly, I didn't panic TOO much :) While trying to make sure we didn't have a major injury on our hands I noticed his first tooth had surfaced. A few days later the second popped out. Both teeth on the bottom. He's the cutest little teethy baby I've ever seen *smile*

Moving on to Halloweeen. My entire family came over (including close friends that we consider family :) to have lunch with us and participate in our annual pumpkin carving event.

We had lots-o-fun. Silas wanted to carve one too, but couldn't quite get those pumpkin carving tools to work.

I had fun carving my fleur de lis pumpkin.

I also enjoyed visiting with my great friend Dawn and her beautiful baby girl, Belen. Silas and Belen don't really care much about each other right now, but we're hoping that one day they'll be really good friends.

Halloween night we enjoyed Harvest Fest at FBC Lockport. Silas was a ball of energy.

Thankfully, Mimi and Pop were there to offer extra hands :)

Silas loved the hay and the hay RIDE later that evening.

This may be a little off topic, but is it weird that I use duct tape in this way?

It's to keep Silas from slipping on the kitchen floor! Anyway...
 Back to business.

The first weekend in Nov. Silas and I spent a few days with my parents while Kevin went on a men's retreat with FBC. Silas tried out his new swing for the first time that wekeend. He loved it. And, as you'll see, he's the king of funny faces.

I have a video of Silas swinging that I'll post soon!

Something else a little off topic- GO SAINTS!
This is what Silas does while we watch the Saints game...

He's quite the climber now. Poor CD player.

I'm sure this next picture looks familiar to many moms:

Solid foods=messy poops (sorry if you're grossed out :)

Speaking of solid foods, Silas has a new favorite one: Cheerios (or the cheaper Wal-Mart version of them :)

Well, that's all I got for now. I hope this LONG post filled with LOTS of pictures made up for my lack of regular posting. I really need to work on that, huh? 

Until next time,


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