Mar 23, 2010

The Video Says it All

Silas is my son, but Silas is his own person. He has his own unique personality that is very different from mine. I'm learning to be ok with that. And although the words bossy, aggressive, and strong-willed may slip across my lips at times, I'm learning to replace them with the words leader, bold, and determined. I'm so excited to see what God has in store for my little man. This video gives you a glimpse into Silas' blooming personality. Notice: 1. He had to be the first one to the top- "move over girl!" (Dear Silas' future wife, we'll be working on that in the future!) 2. He had absolutely no fear of going down the slide all by himself (And forget the conventional way! Let's try something different!), and 3. Even though he got a little frustrated at the end, there was no reaching out for Mama's help. (Mr. Independent was determined to make it down ALL BY HIMSELF.) Now grant it, you may watch this video, see something totally different, and think I'm reading in to things. But to me, Silas' Mama, this brief moment in time spoke volumes. Enjoy!


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