May 25, 2010


Silas and I attended Babygarten today at the library in Houma. You can read a little more about what it is by clicking on the link. It was our first time going, and I'm so glad we did! We had so much fun with our friends Dawn and Belen. The time of the class (10 am) is perfect for Silas right now because he no longer takes a morning nap so there were no melt downs- yay! We plan to go weekly as our schedule allows.

Silas and I during one of the sing-alongs. (One of the hand motions to the song was to put your thumb up, thus my thumb up.) Silas was in awe of all the children singing and clapping. It took him a little while to warm up.

Dawn and her beautiful baby girl Belen.
After the sing along and story time (which I didn't get any pics of) the facilitator put tons of toys out for the children to have free play. This is when Silas came alive. He took off running for the toys!
Look at the excitement on his face!
Figuring out all the new toys...
Precious baby girl...
Silas taking everything in...
Belen taking everything in...
After the class we got McDonalds for lunch. Silas played in the playplace and Belen chilled in her highchair while Dawn and I got some Mommy chat in. 
What a great morning! 
Off to enjoy nap time,


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