Jun 17, 2010

Kitchen Adventures - Breakfast Edition

One of my goals as a homemaker is to provide healthy and tasty food for my family. So, although we have occasional McDonald's Happy Meals and good 'ole fried seafood, more often than not, I'm trying to provide healthy meals at home. My time in the kitchen has been mostly trial and error (thus kitchen ADVENTURES), but I'm slowly learning. So I thought I'd share with you some of the successes I've had in the kitchen as of late. 
Note: All of the pictures were taken in the Celestin kitchen (good practice with my new camera), and all the recipe sources have been linked up.

Ready to go on a breakfast adventure with me?? :-)

Easy Whole Grain Pancakes - These are a regular around here. I've been batch cooking them occasionally and freezing them (in individual Ziploc bags) so that I can just pop them in the microwave (1 minute) for an easy breakfast. The topping options are pretty limitless, so flavor them up however you like. My hubs likes his with peanut butter and jelly, and Si prefers his topped with strawberry preserves. 
Yummy Drippin' Goodness
Hodgson Mill Strawberry Banana Smoothie - I got this recipe off a box of Hodgson Mill milled flax seed. I adapted the recipe by using 1 cup of vanilla soy milk instead of the low fat milk and the fat free vanilla icecream or frozen yogurt. This makes a delicious breakfast smoothie or afternoon snack! And of course, you don't NEED the flax seed, but it's such a great nutritional supplement, so why not? :) And by the way, that pineapple in the background was chopped up and used for an experiment in pineapple smoothies the next day- yum!

Cascadian Farms Fruitful O's! Ok, so I didn't make this, but who doesn't like a good bowl of cereal for breakfast? This is the organic, healthier version of Fruit Loops- and I think they taste better than those sugary Loops to! I'll have to admit that on occasion we've even had these for dinner (usually when it's been one of THOSE days ;-)

The Incredible Edible Egg - We LOVE eggs around here. We don't just limit them to breakfast. But there's nothing like fresh farm eggs to brighten your morning! (minus the poop and feathers, of course!) We like scrambled eggs the best, but there's so much you can do with eggs! The other night we had a delicious frittata for dinner. So good! The eggs in this picture were a special treat from our neighbors, but typically we just buy them from good 'ole Wal-Mart. 

Ever been faced with this?

Why not make these! I made these muffins using this recipe for Banana Bread.  I made these during my "free time" (haha @ free time) one afternoon, and we ate them for a snack, but this is another great breakfast item.  And another plus is that they can be frozen and thawed in the microwave or toaster oven for those on-the-go mornings!

And if banana's don't float your boat, how about blueberries?

I made this recipe minus the streussel topping (cause I didn't have time for all that! maybe next time :-). I also used all whole wheat flour. They're a little browner than your typical blueberry muffin, but tasty nonetheless. And again, freezer friendly.
And last but not least - in an effort to keep it real - granola bars! Nope, didn't make these either! But they're my Sunday morning delight! Because some Sunday mornings I don't even have time to pop something in the microwave for 1 minute! Sad, huh? Thank God for these grab and go treats! Our favorite brands are Nature Valley...

...and Kashi :)
Hope you were inspired to make healthy breakfasts a part of your day!


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