Jan 20, 2011

23 Months Old!

Happy 23-Month Birthday, Baby Boy! We're one month out from your 2-year birthday! It's been so amazing to watch you grow and learn.
Probably the most common thing we here from others about you is how well you speak. Your vocabulary seems to be growing by the day. And you copy everything your Mama and Papa say, which has proven to be both good and bad (haha). You're also understanding better, which makes communication (and correction) so much easier!
You continue to be the center of attention wherever we go. At this point I'm pretty sure that you firmly believe that the world revolves around you. Of course, I've heard most toddlers operate under this same belief system.
You are now capable of climbing up and down the stairs in our apartment without assistance. This is good news considering your Mama gets out of breath just thinking about climbing the stairs. You're also capable of climbing out of your crib, which is not so good. Your Papa or I have to stay in your room with you until you fall asleep to make sure you don't try to escape. Thankfully, once you're asleep you're usually out for the whole night. We're still not sure how things are going to play out when your brother Liam gets here. 
You love being outside, and you especially enjoy when we take you to the park. You can climb on all of the equipment without assistance (no surprise there).
When I found I was pregnant in August of last year you still seemed so little, but as we approach Liam's birth you seem more and more grown up. I just know you're going to be an awesome big brother.
We love you, Silas.


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