Jan 14, 2011

Preggy Update (almost 25 weeks!)

Time for another pregnancy update! I'm technically still in my 24th week, but I'm only 2 days away from being 25 weeks so I'm claiming that I have only 15 weeks left! Who knows, maybe Liam will arrive a couple of days before his due date? *wishful thinking* I had a checkup today, which included the fun glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. I'm hoping everything turns out fine, but I won't find out the results for another week. Liam's heartbeat was 138, which is good, but lower than Silas' ever was. Maybe Liam will be my laid back baby *more wishful thinking* haha :) Of course, judging by the constant movement inside my belly (mostly during the wee hours of the morning when I'm trying to sleep!) Liam may have no problem keeping up with his very active older brother. I'm feeling as well as can be expected for a pregnant woman who's nearly a week away from entering the third trimester. Aside from the heartburn and carrying around the extra weight, my biggest struggle right now is sleep. I would almost claim to have a mild form of insomnia. I usually have no trouble going to sleep, but I have trouble staying asleep. My sleep is very light and I often wake up in the morning feeling un-rested. I'm actually surprised at how I'm able to function on such little quality sleep, but the Lord has been gracious. Please pray that he would give me a little relief in this area. And, yes, I know it won't get any better when the baby gets here, but I also know that if the Lord can provide rivers in the desert, He can also provide rest where there seems to be no rest. So prayers are appreciated. Other than that, all is well on the home-front. We can't wait to meet Liam!


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