Feb 3, 2011

Painting with a Twist

On Monday night I was invited to join a group of friends for a fun night at Painting with a Twist (follow the link to learn more) in Houma. I had a gotten a gift card to this place for Christmas, and I was eager to give it a try. Basically you get a group of friends together, bring snacks (if you want), and enjoy an evening of painting together. The cool part is that no experience is required. Everyone paints the same picture, and there is an instructor guiding you each step of the way. And even cooler than that- you get to go home with a beautiful painting that you painted yourself! I can't wait to hang mine up! I would definitely do this again, even without a gift card. It's totally worth the money! Here are some pictures from the evening...

This is my finished painting.. I didn't get any pictures during the painting process because, well, I was too busy hanging on to every word the instructor spoke!

Here's what part of the room looked like.. the instructor stood on a stage in front where everyone could see her. She periodically walked around to give a few pointers.

Me with my painting... I had my doubts about how it would actually turn out, but I'm pretty satisfied with the finished product!

The whole group of us with our paintings!

I highly recommend this as the perfect "girl's night out" activity or as a great gift to give to someone else who may enjoy a little paint therapy!
(Thanks, Jess for the gift card!!)


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