Apr 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Kevin celebrated his 30th birthday yesterday! And anyone who knows Kevin knows that he's not into huge celebrations or lots of attention on himself. He prefers simple celebrations with the ones he loves- Silas and I being on the top of that list :) So we spent the day as a family yesterday and enjoyed just being together doing simple things. Here's a recap of our day...

For those of you who follow me on facebook, you're probably already aware of how Kevin's birthday started. When he walked in from the gym Silas ran up to him and said, "Happy Birthday, Papa!! I got some new diapers for you!!" He proceeded to give Liam's new diapers to his Papa. Nothing like getting "Hug"gies and "Luvs" from your 2-year old on your 30th birthday :)

Kevin decided he wanted to join us for morning story time at the library. It was his first time coming, and I think he enjoyed it even more than Silas did! One of the songs we sing at story time is "The Choo Choo Song." The teacher has a train whistle to blow during the song. Well, Silas' friend recently gave him a train whistle, and needless to say, it was a big hit with both Silas and his Papa during story time this week.
After story time we had a quick lunch followed by a visit with Silas' friend Alexa and her family at the hospital. Alexa's new baby sister was born this week, and we couldn't wait to meet her! I didn't get a pic of the new baby, but here's one of Silas and Alexa. These two are in for some major adjustments in the next few weeks! :)
After our hospital visit we headed home for naps.
We spent our evening enjoying good food and fellowship with some sweet friends. Silas especially enjoyed spending time with his friends Madison and Mikey. They have a great playroom and a big backyard. What more could a 2-year old ask for? :)
And Silas' Papa enjoyed taking him for 4-wheeler rides in the backyard. My boys LOVE riding the 4-wheeler. I have a feeling this will be one of our "investments" if we ever have room to store one of these!
After dinner, our sweet friends insisted that Kevin have something sweet for his birthday so they stuck a candle in a Little Debbie pie and we all sang "Happy Birthday." It was such a cute moment.
Of course, Silas had to help blow out the candle...
And the cutest part was Kevin handing out little pieces to all the kids...
Silas, Liam, and I are blessed beyond words with the Papa and husband that God has given us. If there's one thing I never have to doubt, it's Kevin's devotion to our family. He leads us selflessly and loves us unconditionally. We look forward to the next 30 years with you, Baby!


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