Jun 14, 2011

Our Diamond in the Rough

There's been a little bit of a lull on the blog lately... but I have a good reason...
A week ago yesterday (June 6, 2011 to be exact) Kevin and I became homeowners!!
We're super excited that the Lord has seen fit to provide us with this house at this time! We've been in the market for a house for two years now (ever since we moved to take the pastorate in Lockport). We've been through a roller coaster of emotions along the journey as things never seemed to work out... until now! I believe that the Lord blessed our patience and stewardship as we've waited on His perfect timing. We love our Lockport church family and look forward to settling here.
The house needs some fixin' up (it was a foreclosed house), but because we made such a great deal with the purchase price, we're able to put some work into it before we move in. We can already see the diamond in the rough.
Here's a little tour of what's been done so far...
Silas in front of his new house
We finally have a big back yard for the boys to play in- we're super excited about that!!

The living room got some new floors and is in the process of getting a brand new coat of paint- can't wait to add decor!

The dining room is in the process of getting new flooring and paint. My hubby is hard at work.

The kitchen cabinets are going to get a facelift.
The hall is getting a new paint job- no more bright yellow!
The bedrooms are getting new flooring and paint.

The previous owners enclosed the garage, so we have an extra multipurpose room, which I love. Now I have space for all these toys!!

The laundry room/bathroom was probably the worst room, but it's slowly coming together.

The main bathroom is lookin' better by the day to.
Of course, we couldn't have done all this work on our own. We are so blessed to have several men and women in our church who freely volunteered their time to help us. Our hope is to be in the house by the end of the month. I'll be updating as things progress!

Busy Packing Up our Apartment,


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