Sep 6, 2011

An Interview with Silas (Video Included!)

I think I mentioned it a couple of posts ago, but in case you missed it, Silas turned 2.5 on August 20th. Three is right around the corner, and I'm trying to soak up all the "two" that I can. I wanted to do a little update just to have record of what Silas was up to at 2.5.

First of all, I've noticed a remarkable difference in the way he plays. His favorite toys are his little plastic figures. It doesn't matter if they're McDonald's toys or little people or animals, he loves making his figures talk back and forth to each other. It's so fun to listen to him play. His attention span is getting longer, and he is able to play independently for long periods of time.

Silas loves going places with me. Even if Kevin is home, Silas prefers running errands with me. He especially loves going grocery shopping with me and helping me put things in the buggy.

My favorite time with Silas is our before-bedtime routine. Silas and I lay in my bed until he falls asleep and then when Kevin is ready for bed he transfers Silas to his own bed. This is really the only time Silas allows me to snuggle with him. He gets so close to me and we whisper and giggle together to wind down. It's such a sweet time. Not many nights ago I found myself wiping tears away after Silas fell asleep in my arms. He's growing so fast, and I know these precious moments won't last forever.

Every morning Silas wakes up and runs in the living room to love on his brother. He loves Liam so much. It's fun to see them interacting more now. Liam always gives Silas a big morning smile. I can already see a beautiful friendship forming.

Silas loves music and singing. He loves helping me in the kitchen, but he's quite the picky eater. He loves being with his friends. I'm pretty sure I have an extrovert on my hands because he's just so energized when he's around people. He also loves washing his hands in the sink, something he can do on his own now that he has a stool in the bathroom. He loves being independent and doing EVERYTHING himself (or at least trying to do everything himself!)

I did a little impromptu interview with the little guy this afternoon. Watch and you'll discover some more of his favorite things...


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