Oct 1, 2011

September at Our House

As I sit and type, my little one is quietly napping. It was a long time coming. And after about 30 minutes of trying to get Silas to nap, I decided we'd be better off having some quiet time instead of tossing and turning in bed. I promised Silas that we'd head to the park after Liam wakes up, so in the meantime he's catching up on Max and Ruby and I'm catching up on blogging.
Brotherly Love
I must start by saying that, although September was a good month, I won't miss the September heat.  And if October 1st is any indication of what's to come, I'm welcoming October with open arms! The weather here is gorgeous today. It's that time of year when we get to spend a lot more time outside, which will do a world of good for Silas and his never-ending energy supply. We'll definitely be enjoying our new patio a lot more this month.

This is a picture of our new patio coming up. It's nearly done now. All we have left is the addition of some siding on the underside.
Silas and Liam continue to keep me busy. Liam is finally sleeping better, which helps me to feel more rested during the day. It feels like we're finally getting a good routine going. I'm thankful because this allows me to spend more quality time with Silas during the day. The Holy Spirit has really been probing my heart in this area. I was getting into the habit of going about my day, focusing on the tasks that needed to be done instead of the hearts that needed to be nurtured. And if you know Silas, you know that he loves quality time. I was not doing my best to meet that need. So after a little prayer and planning, I'm now trying to give Silas some undivided quality time every day. We've been doing "projects" together (Silas' words). It's been such a sweet time.
Playing stickers. Silas gave each of us a goatee.

Painting Together
Reading our Daily Devotional, Big Thoughts for Little People. Highly recommended devotional for children who tend to be visually oriented, which would probably include most preschoolers!
Working on a Glue "Project" I introduced Silas to the glue stick, and he's been an avid glue-er ever since!
While I'm not doing any "formal pre-schooling" with Silas at this point, we're definitely headed in that direction. I still believe that play and "following mommy around" are the most important forms of learning for preschoolers, but Silas is beginning to show signs of readiness for more academic learning so we're planning to implement that little by little over the next few months. There are tons of preschool resources online, which have had me a bit overwhelmed, but I've finally narrowed down my plan based on our family's values and the way Silas learns. I'm hoping to share our plan here soon! In the meantime, Silas pretty much chooses our "project" everyday, and I'm perfectly fine with that.

And, of course, this post wouldn't be complete without an update on our littlest guy , Liam. What a joy he's been to our family! I thought he would be a little slower than Silas was in the area of meeting physical milestones, but he's been steadily keeping up with his brother! He's scooting all over the place! He gets on his hands and knees, rocks back and forth, and basically thrusts himself forward until he gets what he wants! Kevin and I had the "baby-proofing" discussion the other day because we know that the day is quickly approaching when we'll have a little explorer on our hands. Poor baby has been congested as of late, so we're hoping that clears up soon.  

Liam's first time trying rice cereal with a spoon. He wouldn't swallow, but he sure did make some funny faces! 
I've been busy this month with Weight Watchers and leading our women's Bible study at church. I'm loving both! There's nothing like finding your groove both physically and spiritually! 
I've lost 5.8 pounds on Weight Watchers so far, which averages about 2 pounds per week- right on track with healthy weight loss! The time spent learning and planning has been well worth it.
We're studying Jennifer Rothschild's "Walking by Faith" in women's Bible study, and, honestly, I don't think I've ever used my yellow highlighter as much as I have for this Bible study. It's been such a refreshing and timely study.
I've also been more intentional about reading books this month. I'm almost halfway through "Simplifying Your Spiritual Life" by Donald Whitney, and it's been so good. Another recommendation for moms! 

I hope that your September was a good one, and that your October is ever better!
Headed to the Park,


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