Nov 17, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Tonight's Weight Watchers meeting made 10 weeks of consistent weight loss for me. I've finally reached my 10% weight loss goal and have only a few pounds left until I reach my final goal weight. It's been such a great learning experience for me. I wish I would have started Weight Watchers a long time ago, but then again, I know a lot of the reason why I've been successful is that I was finally mentally ready to take responsibility for my health. And I do mean health. While it's awesome to see my body transform, it's even nicer to see my energy levels rise and my acid reflux become almost non-existent. 
This whole experience has positively affected our family. In fact, Kevin and I are working on a family mission statement, and health is the fourth value from the top. When we asked ourselves the question, "As a family, when are we at our best?" it didn't take long for response "when we're healthy" to surface. Along with striving for holiness, putting on humility, and practicing hospitality, being good stewards of our health is at the core of what makes our family the best it can be. Don't get me wrong, I realize that God is ultimately in control of our family's health. We simply believe that as long as God allows us to inhabit these earthly bodies we need to be good stewards of them. 
In other words, we want to health-ify to glorify. And we have a long way to go. We have started in the area of food, but there are so many aspects of health that we have yet to explore. Thankfully, it's a topic I'm interested in so it makes exploration a little easier. And I'm ready for the ride.


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