May 21, 2012

Sunday Morning Scramble

Sunday mornings tend to be a little chaotic around here to say the least.
As a pastor's wife with two young and needy dependent children I liken our Sunday mornings to The Greatest Show on Earth. Look out, Barnum & Bailey.
Take for instance the morning I found Liam splashing around in a bucket of dirty mop water right before we headed out the door. Who wouldn't have paid to see the excitement that ensued after that discovery, right?
Anyway, Kevin and I had a heart to heart about the matter, and we decided that I should try to get up at least one hour earlier than I usually do on Sunday mornings to see if that would help to cut down on the stress-inducing, unexpected escapades that we expect will occur.
It's shocking that my sleep-deprived self wouldn't have ever considered this option, right?
My husband is a wise man.
So this past Sunday morning, I took on the challenge. 
I set my alarm clock for more than an hour earlier than I usually do to try to beat Liam, but that never works. 
Somehow he always gets the heads up (pun intended). 
And he wakes up hungry...
Liam screaming at the biscuits.
My starving child finally gets breakfast.
Kevin soon joins Liam at the table so I escape to the bathroom with my cup of coffee.

Liam soon joins me in the bathroom with a page that he just tore out of a book. Awesome.
Look Mom!
I manage to get my hair and face ready ahead of our usual schedule. And Silas is still sleeping. One thumb up. Let's see what other tricks are up my sleeve.
Go me!
In the meantime, Liam smashes his thumb in the cabinet door so I try to calm him down using my best tactic--distraction!
"Look at the orange tiger!! And look at the furry monkey!!"

He gets over the injury in record time and begins doing what he does best--digging! Meanwhile, I iron.
Silas wakes up right as I'm finishing the ironing. Now all I have to do is give Silas a biscuit, dress the boys & myself, grab my bags (which I prepared the night before), and head out the door.
I know you're all on the edge of your seats thinking, "Can she do it?!?!" 
In the words of Bob the Builder, "Yes, she can!!"
I'm happy to report that my mission was accomplished!
I arrived at church on time!
And I was actually happy, breathing properly, and free of stains! Two thumbs up!!
Church Nursery Duty
 I would be amiss not to give a shout out to my wonderful husband who put this awesome plan into action. 
I'm glad he still has the brain power to run this operation.
Love you, babe.


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