Jun 12, 2012

Summer So Far

This summer, along with my cooking goals, I've set a few personal goals as well.

For the first time in three years, I feel like I have some control over my own sleeping habits. The boys sleep through the night most of the time now, and I've made a few health changes to help promote better sleep for myself, so I've been feeling a bit more rested lately (praise God!). Consequently, I've decided to get into the habit of waking up before the boys to spend some time in God's Word before getting to the daily grind. Being spiritually and mentally prepared for the day has proven to be a tremendous factor in Mama having more productive days! 
The Quiet of the Morning is Glorious!
One of those health changes I made is to start exercising. My motivation was mostly to increase my energy level and to help me to sleep better at night, and I've been seeing some progress in those areas. My exercise of choice has been water aerobics at our community pool. I like it for several reasons: (1) It's fun, which helps me to actually want to go, (2) The class is from 7-8am, which means Kevin can watch the boys, and (3) I get my exercise out of the way early, so there's less chance of "something coming up" to prevent me from exercising!
The water feels so refreshing in the morning!
 Silas and I have started doing some light preschool work this summer. He loves his "school time," and he's picking up on things very quickly. We'll be starting a 3-year old curriculum in the Fall, but in the meantime we're kind of just testing the waters this summer to see what our days might look in a few months.
I have an avid little learner on my hands!
Of course, the bulk of our days are spent playing... inside, outside, wherever the boys can find a new adventure!

My Little Dare Devil!

My Little Speed Racer!
How's your summer been so far?


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