Nov 19, 2012

Mommy Slippers, Bike Trailers, and Dinner Swaps!

Hi friends! I thought I'd pop in today and type up a post- nothing extraordinary, just a little re-cap of our day and some encouraging articles that might inspire you as you prepare for Thanksgiving!

Our day starts when our littlest guy rises, of course. And, as usual, his second request (breakfast being his first) is to go "la'side" (translation: outside). I'm a pretty slow starter in the morning, but this morning I granted his request and let him loose to jump on the trampoline bright and early.

I'm glad our outside toys are in the back yard and not the front because I proudly sported my mommy slippers and stretchy pants for the better part of the morning. 

We (meaning Kevin) spent the second half of our morning configuring our latest Craig's List find- a bike trailer!

Kevin and I are really excited about being able to exercise together! And the boys were pretty excited about it to!

We (meaning Kevin again) got Kevin's rusty bike back up and running, and we'll pick up my bike from my parent's house later on this week. In the meantime, we'll have to take turns cruising around the block, hopefully burning some calories along the way!

During Liam's nap time, Silas and I spent a little time in the kitchen. I baked some morning glory muffins and mini loaves, and I also cooked a spaghetti sauce. I don't have any other big meals planned for the week, considering we'll have a feast on Thursday!

Typically when I cook a big pot of something, we like to share. We were happy to be able to send a little gift (spaghetti and a mini loaf) to one of our sweet neighborhood friends. The cool part about it was that our sweet friend had planned (unknowingly to us) to give us some food to! So we got a yummy bowl of chicken and corn soup in exchange for the spaghetti- pretty good deal, I'd say!

As this week sort of marks the official start of the holiday season, I wanted to share a couple blog posts with you that I hope will encourage you to make the most of the season. 

Mentoring Monday Clothing Yourself Properly for the Holidays :: I Take Joy (This is such a good reminder of what the holidays are all about! Sally is such a gentle women with the heart of a mentor, which you'll see in the video.)

Not Her Best :: Girl Talk Blog (This article gave me some much-needed perspective about my role in the home. While it's important to aspire to do all things well, it's can easily give way to a spirit of competition. I, for one, know I need to guard my heart against this.)

I hope you all are having a great start to your week! 



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