Dec 4, 2012

Tuesday's Thoughts

Thankful for... a hot cup of coffee flavored with salted caramel mocha creamer. It's making paying bills a little more enjoyable this afternoon.

Listening to... Silas making super hero fighting sounds. He's in his own little world right now, and I'm a bit afraid to disturb him.

Wondering... where we'll go on our next family vacation. It's time for a little getaway.

Hoping... that some day I'll be a more organized, less-stressed home manager.

Looking forward to... crazy hair night at AWANA tomorrow night! I can't wait to see our little Cubbies sporting their cray hair styles!

Creating... a big pile of papers that need to be filed away.

Reading... This blog post by Sally Clarkson: The Gifts We Give our Children.

Learning... to speak more encouraging, life-giving words, especially to my husband and children.

Reminding myself... that just because there's an awesome "deal" on something, doesn't mean I NEED it. 

Praying... for courage to stand for truth in a world that tolerates everything.



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