Jan 15, 2013

Haircuts & Stories

The last couple of days have been pretty low key around here. The weather is still pretty dreary so we haven't been going outside much. Yesterday, on a whim, Kevin decided that the boys needed haircuts. Their hair was getting a bit unmanageable, and we hadn't taken the time to schedule appointments for them like we normally do. So Kevin gave it a go, and I was his handy helper. Mission: distract the children.
My Liam went first. We don't have an official hair-cutting cape so we used a children's artist's smock. It did the trick. Liam stayed pretty calm during the cut as long as we played games on Mama's iphone to distract him.
 Silas, my sensitive child, doesn't do as well with at-home haircuts. He needs extra pampering like a towel to cover his eyes and gentler strokes with the clippers to protect his sensitive head. 
A promise for some Double Bubble bubble gum after the cut also helped to alleviate his anxiety.
 We were prepared just like the real barbers. Double Bubble to the rescue.
 Our women's discipleship group started up last night so I spent yesterday evening with some ladies from church. I'm really excited to be back in the swing of Bible study again. We're doing Priscilla Shirer's Seed Pack 1. I'm excited to dive in!
While I was at Bible study Kevin took the boys to the McDonald's play place to help them burn off some energy before bedtime. He sent me this picture of the two of them. 
Can you see their little faces?
When I got back from Bible study the boys and I did some puzzles and played some games before bedtime. When I asked Silas what this tool was, he said it was a tweezer! Haha! It's pretty obvious who he spends most of his days with, huh?
 We played Face-up memory where we raced to see who could get the most matches. Games with Silas always get a little heated, but he usually wins *wink*
This morning I had one of my grab-and-go breakfasts (peanut butter and banana) with my two babes. They had their favorite- pancakes.

We desperately needed to get out of the house so after breakfast we headed to the library. We needed to return some books and get some new ones. Silas and I did a little coloring while we were there to pass some time.
 Liam had other ideas...
 He never stops.
We did leave with some new books, which have all been read as I type this post! We read for an hour and a half tonight, and Silas still cried when we stopped. I'm so glad they love books as much as I do!

 Silas spent the afternoon with Kevin at the nursing home. His friend Linda sent me a picture of the two of them. He loves helping his Papa minister to the elderly.
 While Silas was away and Liam was napping I took some time to meditate on God's Word. I started a two-year Bible reading plan this year, and I'm loving it. It's slower than the one-year plans so it's much more doable for a busy mom like myself. Plus, it gives me time to meditate on what I'm reading. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a plan! It's never too late to start!

Hope your Tuesday was a good one!



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