Apr 26, 2013

I say the same ten phrases multiple times a day

...and here they are in no particular order..

1. "Be careful."

2. "Can you say that again without whining?"

3. "You're interrupting. Please wait until I'm done talking."

4. "Go wash your hands."

5. "Leave your brother alone."

6. "Come here and let me kiss your boo boo."

7. "You're giving Mama a boo boo."

8. "Where's Liam?"

9. "Throwing food is a no-no."

10. "Where's the other shoe?"

Of course, I throw lots of "I love you" into the mix. 
And plenty "please forgive me." 
And tons of "I forgive you." 

That's motherhood for you, right?

What are your most over-used mommy phrases?

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