Sep 7, 2013

An Update on Liam

There are certain defining moments in every parent's journey--moments that really don't need to be recorded with pen and paper because no amount of years can erase them from a parent's memory. I think of the stories my late grandmother used to tell of the events surrounding my dad's premature birth and early struggles with cerebral palsy. I think of my own mother's retelling of the time I had an allergic reaction to ant bites as a baby and was swollen beyond recognition.

Not all memorable experiences, of course, are negative; but there is nothing like an emergency medical situation involving your own child to carve deep, long-lasting memories into your brain.

Many of you already know about the emergency situation we experienced with Liam three nights ago. Liam had a seizure, which was triggered by a breath holding spell while he was crying. It was an extremely uncertain and highly stressful situation for both Kevin and me. Seeing our baby boy stiff and unresponsive for nearly 10 minutes felt like an eternity. Watching his limp, exhausted body try to recover over the course of several hours following the seizure left us with questions about the lasting effects of the episode.  

Liam (and Mama's) first ambulance ride (to Children's Hospital)
Getting prepped for his EEG

Thanks be to God, there are no lasting effects to speak of. Liam woke up the next morning with his usual cheeky smile and request to watch morning cartoons. I breathed a sigh of relief and offered up prayers of thanksgiving. Hours later all test results came back normal, and we headed home.

The day following the seizure, Liam was his normal, happy self.

On the drive home my entire body felt sore, as if I had been exercising. As the tension finally released, I felt the physical effects that this event had had on my own body. I couldn't help but think... these are not the types of moments that I envisioned or prepared for before having children of my own. And even if I would have tried, I could have never truly prepared for the emotional fortitude, mental stamina, and physical endurance required to nurture and care the little souls placed in our care. I am so thankful for the pouring out of God's grace during difficult and uncertain times such as these. I have a feeling this experience will live on in my memory for many, many years to come. 

Playing with the new trucks given to him by Children's Hospital while waiting to be discharged.

We are also thankful for all of the prayers and support from family and friends during the last few days.

We are extremely blessed, a bit tired, and looking forward to a uneventful week ahead :)


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