Oct 8, 2013

Tuesday's Thoughts {10/8/13}

Feeding the ducks our leftover beignets at Lafreniere Park today after school.

Thankful for... fall weather!! Aren't these Folded Paper Leaves cute?! If my children wouldn't destroy this in a hot minute, I'd make it and hang it on my mantle.

Listening to... Michael Hyatt's weekly podcast, This Is Your Life. If you're looking to live with more passion, work with greater focus, and lead with extraordinary influence" then you need to subscribe to this podcast! He covers things like "How to Develop More Discipline" and "How to Create more Mental Focus." Who doesn't need more of both, right?!

Wondering... if I can get a good workout on the treadmill without actually having to run? Ha!

Hoping...to eliminate some unnecessary stress by asking the right question <-- go read!

Looking forward to... the day when I actually enjoy bill paying! Maybe if I created a cute little Bill Payment Center (<-- like this one) it would inspire me.

Creating... a list of new recipes to try, which may or may not include these delicious-looking Banana Walnut Granola Bars.

Reading... the Girl Talk blog. They've done a couple of great posts about Patient vs. Permissive Parenting (Part 1 & Part 2) that have convicted my heart. "..permissive parenting is often about how we feel or what we want; patient parenting is about what would please God and help our children to grow in Christ-like character." <-- Ouch! 

Learning... that's it's ok if laundry is neither folder not put away. Click over to Biblical Homemaking to read about the best laundry secret EVER.

Reminding myself... to teach my kids to embrace their otherness

Praying for... the discipline to finish the week well.

What are you thinking about this Tuesday? :)


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