Jan 6, 2014

Making the Most of the Lingering "Santa" Season

Disclaimer: For all who celebrate Santa during the Christmas season, this post is in no way meant to condemn. It is simply a reflection of my own personal experience.

“Was Santa good to y’all this year?” 

The question lingered in the air as my eyes shifted from the kind lady standing behind the pizza samples to the faces of my little guys.

With an innocent nod, my oldest appeased the woman’s need for an response. My littlest one quickly deterred the conversation by telling of his desire for a blue motorcycle, the current object of his affection. The lady chuckled, and explained that the pizza would be ready to sample in 25 minutes. I thanked her, and we continued on.

In that moment I was frustrated. Days into January, and I’m still dealing with Santa. The question about him has taken on a different form, but he’s still overshadowing the Christmas season. 

And, this time, I didn't speak up. 

I failed to mention the only one capable of “being good to us this year.” 


It’s all so confusing for my oldest. I can see it in his eyes when I explain that Santa is just pretend, but that it isn't his responsibility to reveal that truth to those children who believe that the chubby bearded man is real.  

“But why do some parents lie to their kids?” he inquires. I struggle for an answer.

It’s confusing when he’s been bold enough to proclaim that Santa isn't real, and adults fight back like he’s just committed blasphemy.

“I think I believe that Santa is real,” he innocently admits. He’s at a very trusting age, and I work even harder to speak truth into his little heart.

Sitting back and taking a closer look at this past Christmas season made me rethink the way I handle Santa. The smiling and nodding and averting the questions hasn't gotten us anywhere this year. In fact, it’s left an emptiness inside my own heart.

My children need to see me being bolder next year.

They need to see me stepping in to set an example. Speaking truth with loveUsing brief, passing moments to proclaim Jesus.

“What is Santa bringing you this Christmas?”

“We appreciate you asking. Did you know the Bible says that every good gift comes from above, from God?" (James 1:17)

“Are you being good for your mom and dad? Santa is watching!”

“Thank you for your concern, but the only one who has eyes in every place is the LORD.” (Proverbs 15:3)

“Was Santa good to y’all this year?”

"God has been very good to us, and we give thanks to Him.” (Psalms 136:1)

I'm determined to do better next year.


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