Aug 8, 2014

Baby Boy #3 Week 19 Pregnancy Update

I know I'll probably look back on my blog and wish I would have updated more about this third pregnancy, but time has been slipping away. I've never kept a formal handwritten journal of any my pregnancies, so the blog has served as my record of all the weekly happening of growing my babies. It's been really fun to look back and compare pregnancies.

 So far baby boy #3 has taken it really easy on his Mama as far a morning sickness goes. I'd like to think it's because he knows that his brothers need me to be as energetic as possible, but I'm positive it's because I'm still on meds into my 19th week of pregnancy. I don't plan on trying to wean myself until at least 20 weeks. We'll see how that goes.

 A couple of weeks ago I started having really bad heartburn, and Pepcid wasn't cutting it. I was waking up in the middle of the night feeling like my chest was on fire. I started Nexium soon after, and the heartburn went away. Unfortunately, the Nexium caused me to have lots of indigestion, so I'm taking a break from the meds to see if things have calmed down any. So far it's been two days off of the Nexium, and I've been feeling good without it. We shall see.

This pregnancy game is a tricky one, y'all.

In other news, at 16 weeks I had an ultrasound that revealed that BC#3 is indeed another BOY! I had a hunch that I was carrying another son, but most people swore it was a girl because of the lack of nausea and early spreading of the hips. It turns out that those old wives tales don't mean much.. Haha. If I were to be completely honest, there were moments before finding out the gender that I really, really wanted a little girl, but there were also moments that I saw the beauty in raising another son. I reminded myself often that my children were chosen for me long before I even considered them and was comforted in knowing that the Lord is the one building this family- not me. Since finding out we're expecting another boy, I've been filled with excitement thinking of all the possible ways God may use these Celestin boys of ours. It's a bit overwhelming at times, but I know that God will equip Kevin and I for the great work at hand. Now if I can only survive a few really, really **LOUD ** and muddy years! Haha!

And now for the lightening round:

Movement: As of week 19, I've been feeling lots of movement! Before now it was questionable, but now there's no denying that there's an active little boy floating around in my womb.

Maternity Clothes: My pants are all maternity, but I refuse to let go of all my t-shirts just yet. I keep reminding myself that if I stretch them out too much I won't be able to wear them post baby, but they're just so comfortable!

Cravings: Nothing out of the ordinary.

Aversions: None to speak of.

Sleep: The nausea meds I'm taking every night help with that. There have been one or two nights when I woke up to potty and couldn't go back to sleep, but I'm not blaming the pregnancy yet. And my belly isn't big enough to cause any discomfort.

Nesting: Our summer has been so busy that I haven't really done anything significant.

Looking forward to: (1) Kevin and the boys being able to feel the baby's movements on the outside of my belly! (2) Our anatomy scan next week.

Until next time,


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