Mar 14, 2008

I'm learning... to use my camera! I’ve had my Cannon PowerShot SD450 Digital Camera since before Kevin and I got married (we’re coming up on two years). I put lots of research into buying it because it was going to have the distinguished job of capturing all of our honeymoon adventures. And I didn’t hold back on spending a little extra for some really great features that I then proceeded NOT to learn how to use. “Instruction manual?” you ask. I have no idea where that little book is. Thankfully, St. Lucia does well with “auto mode" because that's practically all I knew how to use. Lately though, "auto mode" hasn't been cutting it! All I've been saying to myself is, “I hate this camera!” The lighting is always wrong, the pictures come out blurry, and the timing is all off. So I decided to do a little research to find out of it’s the camera’s fault or my fault. And lo and behold, I’m the culprit! I’m guilty of not getting to know my camera! Maybe you feel the same way. Well, let’s learn together! I don’t aspire to be America’s next top photographer, but I would like to get a shot that I can be proud of every now and then. So in light of that, here are some sites that I found that are opening my eyes to the wonderful world of digital photography.

If you want to get to know your camera a little more, visit this site:

Here are a couple of blogs that give some daily tips on using a digital camera:
Happy photographing!


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