Mar 28, 2008

Our Little Secret

I love blogging, but occasionally I get “bloggers block,” especially when nothing very exciting has happened during the day worth blogging about. In these times, admittedly, I go to the Imagination Prompt Generator for ideas (let’s keep this between us *wink*). Today being one of those days, I headed over to the creativity portal for a little help, and my prompt was “What was your favorite childhood book?” Now, anyone that knows me knows that I have a HORRIBLE memory and that for me to even remember my childhood is a task (ha-ha). But strangely, I had a blast from the past and remembered one of my favorite childhood books! I know my parents will appreciate this because they spent their precious time reading it with me. The name of the book is Where’s Goldie?, and it was published in 1983. It’s an interactive book where the reader, along with the main character, Maggie, has to find Goldie, the little yellow bird that flew away. Goldie is hiding on every page, and I remember sitting with my dad looking for Goldie. What a great memory! Thanks Imagination Prompt Generator (and God for triggering my memory!) FYI, the book is in the Little Golden Book series, along with so many other great books. I can’t wait to start a collection of Golden Books for our little ones one day! So what’s your favorite childhood book?


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